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Storytime Skype with teacher-librarian, Kim Yeomans

May 26, 2014 by jasmineshannon   

St. Martins of Tours school in Melbourne’s very own teacher-librarian, Kim Yeomans Skyped in to our classroom today to read us the funny tale of a very lost and mixed up Rhino. The text was called ‘Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes’ by Anna Kemp.

rhino anna kemp

Kim told us all about her adventures meeting a real White Rhino in Africa. She showed us a picture. We were amazed! She also helped us to understand why it is so important to help save these beautiful endangered animals from possible extinction.



We have been learning a lot about Rhinos since we have received Lesedi, the Travelling Rhino from Sth Africa. She has been going on all sorts of adventures with the kids at Tipperary including visiting the old Rhino Pens here on the station.

lesedi pic

We have been learning about the plight of the Rhinos in Sth Africa. Lesedi brings with her a special message to help spread around the world in the fight to stop the hunting of Rhinos for their horns.

You can help too!

Don’t forget to sign the petition doing the rounds of classrooms globally. Save the Rhinos! No more poaching Rhinos in Sth Africa for their horns. Kids have a voice too!

rhino petition

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  1. Miss Y says:

    Hi Tipperary Station kids and Miss Jasmine,

    You are very lucky to have Lesedi visiting you and helping you to learn about how we need to protect our endangered Rhinos. It was amazing to see a White Rhino when I was in Africa and I was glad to know that it was in a place where it had some protection from hunters. I will definitely be signing the petition!

    Imagine what it would have been like having real Rhinos in your Rhino Pens. I wonder who brought the Rhinos out to Australia and what happened to them?

    Be careful next time you’re eating pancakes just in case you have a hungry big purple Rhino in your kitchen!!

    Have a great week and happy reading!

    Miss Y :)

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