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Anzac Day 2014

April 4, 2014 by jasmineshannon   

Hello friends and family of Tipperary Station School,

This year we plan to mark the commemoration of Anzac Day with a global collaboration. Shore Grammar School in Sydney SOSE teacher, Cameron Paterson and I have connected to bring a meaningful project to both the year nine boys of Shore and the Early Years children of Tipperary Station School. The project is based on telling the stories of WW2 through picture books. The Shore boys are currently drafting their picture books ready for the next stage, illustrations. Tipperary kids will then read the drafts of the picture books, give feedback and illustrate the books. The books will then be published on ibooks on the itunes store. Stay tuned!



Here are some pictures of the year nine boys hard at work on their picture books for Tipperary Station kids to illustrate.




Yr9 anzac book

Part two of our global collaboration winds up in Japan. Teacher, Huy Tran teaches a large class of Japanese students. They are eager to connect with us through a ‘Peace Postcards’ project Huy Tran and I have developed. We will read together over Skype a children’s picture book, ‘Photographs in the Mud’ by Dianne Wolfer. We will discuss the message of peace and friendship in war times between a Japanese and Australian soldier and what that message means for our countries today. We will exchange cultural information about ourselves through ‘Peace Postcards’ sent via snail mail and make and send each other peace cranes.

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 4.17.08 PM


And finally we will skype with a classroom in New Zealand to talk about ‘mateship’ and what being a good mate really means. We will relate to the way the Aussies and New Zealander’s demonstrated incredible mateship in war times through pictures books and poems. We will also learn more about the importance of the ‘NZ’ being the other half of ‘ANZAC’.

This will be an exciting time for us. We will read, connect with stories through art, literacy, poetry, cooking and much more. Learning and commemorating one of our nation’s most important days is an honour and privilege to teach our next generation. We will also host an Anzac Day ceremony prior to the actual day. So if you can make it, please come along. More details to come.

Would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and comments.

Jasmine 🙂


  1. Marnie Skerritt says:

    The Anzac Day books sound wonderful, although I am not sure if all those Shore boys looked like they were working that hard!

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